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Hello to Healthy Earth

When we talk about the environment, climate change, and offsetting carbon emissions, we cannot skip the conversation about the importance of education. In fact, we need to dive deeply into it. More than ever. We need to educate the future and the current generations on how to live sustainably and in harmony with nature. 

The team of Carbon Trap took on that responsibility by starting the Tiny Trapper program. Because we believe it’s crucial to help our children have an authentic connection with nature. 

Now, we upgraded our efforts by going into an inspiring collaboration with the creators of Healthy Earth - an educational, environmental, colouring workbook for children, parents, and teachers to learn together about sustainability without causing eco-anxiety.  

Yes, you read it correctly: eco-anxiety! That’s the chronic fear of environmental doom that a lot of adults, youngsters, and children are experiencing in the last few years. 

We see environmental health as vital as mental health, hence our joint efforts will be focused on working in those two directions. 

This online space created by Tiny Trapper x Healthy Earth will be nourished with practical knowledge and eco-friendly tips that kids, families, and school communities can explore. You are more than invited to join us on this journey. 

To support us, the environment, and the collective mental health of our community, please stay tuned, get in touch with us, or just share the platform and the content we will provide.

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