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The Carbon Trap Team

Meet our dedicated people who strive to ensure that the Carbon Trap mission is worked on each and every day.

David Stone

Developing our business and ensuring that exciting products are created from Elephant Grass are always at the forefront of David's mind.  He is happy to wax lyrical about the benefits to be gained by creating Nature Based Solutions not only to alleviate Climate Change, but also how we can create a strong diversified rural economy that benefits from sustainable product development.

Laura Crossman

Laura manages our social media accounts to keep you up to date with all of Carbon Traps developments. She is an eco-conscious mother who is passionate about preserving our world for children and their future. She loves nothing more than connecting with people from all walks of life who want to create a sustainable future.

Katie Beavon

Katie likes to create interesting and informative content to raise awareness of the issues our planet is facing. Being an avid nature enthusiast, “contributing to the solution instead of the problem” is a priority for her. Alongside Laura, she loves speaking with like-minded people, and is always on hand to answer any questions or queries.

Mike Cooper

Mike is the font of all knowledge for Miscanthus. What he doesn't know isn't worth knowing!! He has many years of experience within the Biomass agricultural industry. Mike handles the interface between Carbon Trap and the various projects undertaken with regard to the planting, agronomy and harvesting of our crops.

Dr. Nick Cheffins

Dr Nick Cheffins formed Peakhill Associates ( ) in 2002, working as an independent consultant delivering applied research, economic and sustainability development projects in the agricultural, horticultural and environmental sectors. 

Current activities include work on the development of new biomass supply chains with specific focus on Low Input High Diversity Biomass from non-farmed landscapes for use in Anaerobic Digestion and other technologies for the production of bio fuels and chemicals and researching the potential of energy crops, such as Miscanthus, for the production of clothing fibres, chemical industry feedstocks that displace fossil carbon and as a raw material in the construction of houses.

Dr. Paul Carver

Miscanthus is an amazing crop, producing high yields of high quality biomass above ground, and at the same time actively removing CO2 from the atmosphere and locking it underground for sequestration."

Paul has over 20 years experience of the development and commercialisation of perennial energy grasses in the EU, North and South America. 

Paul holds a PhD in crop physiology of the energy grass Miscanthus. 

After 2 years in government research into energy crops from 2000 he worked on commercial research and scale up of energy crops from farm end user contracting to farm implementation, prior to co founding NEF in 2010. 

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