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  • Receive a personalised e-certificate
  • Invite to elephant grass Open Days
  • Join a group of like-minded people – become a part of the solution
  • Make a positive impact on climate change today
  • Offset your own carbon footprint
  • Contribute to research and development of sustainable alternatives
  • Help build wildflower areas for biodiversity
  • Fight Climate Change
  • Help develop sustainability

Why Elephant Grass?

  • Captures carbon from year 2 vs trees that can take 20-40 yrs to mature
  • Supports reforestation schemes as less need to cut trees down
  • Improves soil health and prevents soil erosion
  • C4 plant meaning it captures more carbon than 95% other plants
  • Requires natural water from rainfall only
  • No need for pesticides or fertilisers
  • Non-invasive plant as opposed to bamboo
  • Can live for 30+ years without the need to replant
Carbon Trap Ltd

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