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Our Values

Our Mission at Carbon Trap

“We will use Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to implement Carbon Capture and Storage, ensuring that the bio-economy is supplied with knowledge and sponsorship for the use of natural fibres in products that are appealing, affordable and sustainable.”

Social Enterprise

Carbon Trap operates as a 'not for profit' Social Enterprise as per the values of a social enterprise we are passionate about making a difference to climate change.  To change the world for the better by offering ways in which everyone can help by planting Miscanthus in the UK.  As a social enterprise, it is important to us to provide opportunities for everyone, with any budget, to get involved and help in the change.  We offer several memberships in order to enable this.

We are always happy to discuss other options to the plans provided as standard to ensure we are as inclusive as we can afford to be.

The majority of our residual profits will be reinvested in to the community to both teach people the benefits and effects on the environment, and also allow them to grow their own Elephant Grass (Miscanthus) enabling benefits to be seen at close quarters. 

Boidiversity is extremely important to us and we encourage the planting (and indeed we commit to a minimum of 5% of our planting area) of wildflowers to attract Bees, Butterflies and Birds.

It is also important to us to help create an economy that works with sustainable sources of raw material and to this end we spend heavily on Research and Development.   

These undertakings will also include working to improve the effects of social isolation in the community and the environment for future generations. 

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We love to hear from our users, whether you want to know what we can do for you personally or to provide constructive feedback.
No matter how trivial, please get in touch and we will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as we can.