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using elephant grass for sustainable materials
to save our climate, trees and biodiversity

Using Elephant Grass to create a greener planet today!

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Are you a UK business looking to offset?



We have dedicated 5% of our land to biodiversity and your membership will help us build beautiful wildflower areas to replace the 97% of the wildflower meadows we have lost here in the UK since 1930. Wildflowers will be planted on your behalf and you can choose to receive wildflower seeds for your own garden.

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Climate Change

Your membership will capture and store carbon from the atmosphere through the planting of elephant grass here in the UK. Elephant Grass reduces harmful greenhouse gases and helps slow the effects of climate change. This process also helps to improve soil health and support the rural economy.

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We use harvested elephant grass for all projects, developing sustainable alternatives for industry. We work closely with valued partners such as the University of Exeter. We are focusing on construction and textiles, with your membership helping to aid these vital projects. Together, we can create a sustainable planet.

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Are you a uk business looking to help our planet?

Help make nature the solution for your employees

UK based for UK businesses

The UK government have set a target for businesses to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Consumers are beginning to favour eco-friendly products and businesses that can show their efforts to go green.

How we help

We provide businesses with membership options allowing them to offset their carbon footprint, contribute to the promotion of biodiversity and help fund the development of sustainable alternatives.

Can we help your business?

As well as making a positive impact on climate change, we want to help businesses to meet their own net zero objectives and goals. We are committed to helping sectors revolutionise, ready for the new, net zero economy. Contact us directly to see how we can work together.


Check out our ambassador program and get involved in the networking and strategy of Carbon Trap!

Become an ambassador


  • Receive a personalised e-certificate
  • Invite to elephant grass Open Days
  • Join a group of like-minded people – become a part of the solution
  • Make a positive impact on climate change today
  • Offset your own carbon footprint
  • Contribute to research and development of sustainable alternatives
  • Help build wildflower areas for biodiversity
  • Fight Climate Change
  • Help develop sustainability

Why Elephant Grass?

  • Captures carbon from year 2 vs trees that can take 20-40 yrs to mature
  • Supports reforestation schemes as less need to cut trees down
  • Improves soil health and prevents soil erosion
  • C4 plant meaning it captures more carbon than 95% other plants
  • Requires natural water from rainfall only
  • No need for pesticides or fertilisers
  • Non-invasive plant as opposed to bamboo
  • Can live for 30+ years without the need to replant
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