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Platinum Laundry

Platinum Laundry Services offer a premium linen hire, laundry, ironing and dry-cleaning service throughout the New Forest and Dorset. 

We are passionate about saving the planet and have been making changes to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment. We have a long way to go to reach our goals but we feel that becoming a Carbon Trap member is a huge step forward to creating a sustainable planet. 

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Miscanthus Nursery

Miscanthus Nursery Ltd, (MNL), is a UK based, Grower Cooperative operated by its members who understand the importance of Miscanthus Giganteus in both supporting action on climate change and environmental Agriculture.

We have a dedicated team within this group who have over 20 years’ experience, knowledge and skills in all aspects of growing and nurturing this fundamental green energy crop.

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Dr. Heat

Dr. Heat produce and supply quality carbon neutral fuel products. All their materials are sourced from renewable and sustainable sources.

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Task & Time

Task & Time Ltd has been operating for over 4 years. Lizzie has worked in the Digital industry for a number of years with roles ranging from Website Project Management to delivering Digital Marketing & Digital Strategy workshops for businesses across the South West.

Lizzie works with a wide range of clients from across the South West, mainly from a Business Development perspective where she offers Marketing (inc content creation & Social Media Management), Mentoring, Project Management, Events planning & General Business Development Consultancy. 

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AgriKinetics are growers and promoters of Miscanthus as a means of providing an income for the rural community as well as dedicated to the research and development of fibre based products.

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Arua Living

Here at Arua Living, we believe that everyone can make small and simple changes to their everyday life, making a difference to help save our wonderful planet.

Our eco shop offers sustainable and earth-friendly products to help you make easy eco-friendly swaps.

Based just outside Glasgow, what was originally an Instagram page for sustainable tips has led us to expand Arua Living to help others live a more sustainable life.

We make eco-friendly products as affordable as we can, so that it becomes a no-brainer for people to make the switch to an eco-friendly alternative. If we all do our bit and make small changes, together we can all make a positive impact to help our planet.

We carefully select our product range and brand partners to ensure they share a similar ethos to Arua Living. We work with small UK businesses to support them and their journey, enabling them to grow their business while having a positive impact on our planet.

We love to support small UK businesses, so we've partnered up with some fantastic small eco-friendly suppliers who share our ethos. Not only does this keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, it also helps small independent businesses like ourselves to grow.

Along side our online eco shop, our Instagram page @AruaLiving shares practical and sustainable tips, as well as easy vegan recipes to show how easy it is to make small changes in your everyday life - please give us a follow and say hi!

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At DSCallard's we have implemented various ways to cut down and offset our Carbon footprint, but we think the CarbonTrap idea is the best and easiest we've come across. Not only do you offset but you generate. There are already so many uses for the Miscanthus and more will be found for sure. Unlike a tree that takes for ever to grow and once cut down is done, the Miscanthius is harvested year on year continuing to trap carbon and providing the basis for so much more.

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Estate Eye

Working to provide you with environmental monitoring for your buildings 

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Al Haya Essentials

Here at Alhaya Essentials, we offer your daily essentials, the eco friendly way. We’re on a mission to reduce our carbon footprint as well as your’s by only sticking to what’s necessary, that means no unnecessary packaging and ingredients. Our Islamic ethics are very important to us as well so good customer service and fair prices are a top priority. We like to keep things simple, ethical, and sustainable.

We’re reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing from local suppliers including our very own garden, as well as partnering with Carbon Trap to plant elephant grass with every purchase. We’re proud Carbon Trappers.

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