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How it works

Each subscription represents one or more "stamps" with each stamp representing more carbon captured for a period of at least 20 years.

You can buy as many "stamps" as you like.

Depending on the subscription type that you purchase, you will receive more benefits. For more information please visit our "for you" page.

The important thing to note is, the more stamps you buy - the more Elephant Grass we plant, which in turn means your impact on climate change is greater!

Move the slider to calculate the IMPACT your contribution will make to CO2

The more stamps (equal to 20 plants) the more CO2 we capture and store

0 Stamps

0kg CO2 captured

Your crop is planted once and works hard for at least 20 years!


  • 1. Select

    You select from our affordable subscription plans. Click the icon and choose.

    A full stamp is equal to 20 Elephant Grass plants capturing up to 435kg of CO2 over 20 years

  • 2. Plant

    We plant Elephant grass here in the UK ready to start capturing CO2.

    We will Plant, Grow & Harvest the Elephant Grass (Miscanthus) crop whilst updating you by email with events and the progress of the yearly cycle. Planting takes place once a year usually in March / April (depending on weather conditions).

  • 3. Offset

    You are now a part of the Carbon Trap community taking real action on Climate Change.

    Your Miscanthus plants are now establishing and will continue to perpetuate, locking away the carbon in the leaves, cane, and soil on an annual basis for at least 20 years.

  • 4. Social

    We invest all profits back into our community and sustainable product development.

    Harvest starts in March (annually) following which we will arrange for the crop to be utilised in the most sustainable way open to us at that time.

We will keep in touch with you from the purchase date of your subscription (for as long as you would like).

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We are a small team of like minded people.  If you think you have a great idea or want to get involved in our action then do contact us.  We are always happy to talk! Drop us a line at

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