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Tiny Trapper

Carbon Trap Tiny Trapper for kids product image

Tiny Trapper


A ONE-OFF product, specially designed for children that want to make a positive future for their Earth, we have an inexpensive, fun product that provides activity combined with carbon capture.

10 x Elephant Grass plants - planted on their behalf which will capture 13.30kg of CO2e every year for at least 20 years (making a contribution to more than 266kg of CO2e captured).

1 x Fun Activity book covering environmental messages, colouring and quizzes to help your child gain more knowledge on the the reasons we need to protect our beautiful planet

1 x Pack of colouring pencils to use with the activity book.

1 x Fun A4 sized poster showing how your child can help the planet.

1 x Pack of wildflower seeds for attracting Bees and Butterflies to your garden.

Planting of a wildflower area in our fields (minimum 5% of our fields is given over to wildflower planting) to attract and protect biodiversity and our wildlife species.

A Tiny Trapper certificate in electronic form. 

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Carbon Trap Tiny Trapper for kids product image

Tiny Trapper