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The Initiator (Annual)

Carbon Trap - Initator

The Initiator (Annual)


Welcome Initiator!

For those with a limited budget - a chance to be involved too.

This is a yearly subscription.  You can cancel at any time

This is your initial step to making a positive difference to Climate Change 

What's included?

- 2 Elephant Grass (Miscanthus Giganteus) plants to be planted and cared for (per payment)

- Regular email Updates on the crop along with notifications on start of harvesting and process/life journey

- You will be emailed our Elephant Stomper 'I have Carbon Trapped' post to share on your social media with friends and family

- Invitation to join our exclusive Facebook group where you can meet like minded people and hear about the work we carry out

- the most important part - the knowledge that you know you are making a difference to climate change

Want to give more?  You can add multiple subscriptions or can view our 'Experimenter' subscription which gives you 10 times the amount of plants.

What is an 'Elephant Stamp'? A full stamp is equal to 20 Elephant Grass plants capturing up to 425kg of CO2 over 20 years.

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Carbon Trap - Initator

The Initiator (Annual)