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Carbon Trap

Carbon Trap is in the business of Carbon Capture and storage using Nature Based Solutions (NBS).  We do this by growing Elephant Grass that captures Co2 from the atmosphere during its growing period. Carbon is stored both in the soil and the annually harvested cane.

Our residual profits are utilised in the sponsorship of Research & Development Projects into ecological uses for the harvested cane, as well as investment into community projects which serve to educate and encourage understanding of the benefits and effects on the environment through growing Elephant Grass.

Carbon Trap operates as a 'not for profit' Social Enterprise and in accordance with the values of a social enterprise, we are passionate about making a positive difference to climate change using nature-based solutions and helping to change the world by becoming a greener planet.

We also look to assist in areas where urban Nature Based opportunities for reducing carbon emissions are possible which will improve the effects of social isolation in the community and the environment for future generations

Our Mission

“We will use Nature Based Solutions (NBS) to implement Carbon Capture and Storage, ensuring that the bio-economy is supplied with knowledge and sponsorship for the use of natural fibres in products that are appealing, affordable and sustainable.”

Supporting work on Climate Change

The emergency is here.  We must take action NOW!!!

We have arrived at the beginning of an era with a huge public business and governmental awareness that Climate Change is with us here and now! Carbon neutral policies with far off target dates are ineffectual.  To save our planet and our children's futures means the time to act is right now.

We need to start capturing carbon without delay, we cannot afford to wait for someone else or government to act. Action is needed now! We can do this by ensuring that we all participate in the natural carbon capture facilities accessible through our landmass.

Besides the carbon capture element, we also need to consider the other ways that our lifestyles have affected our planet and the natural world we hold so dear. Consider mining, drilling, quarrying, burning of fossil fuels, using fossil oils in manufacture of plastics and the resultant pollution of air, land, and ocean.

What can we do?

We offer subscriptions for individuals and can tailor bespoke solutions for businesses which can align directly with their environmental goals. For more information on business propositions please click here.

Each subscription comes with an electronic/printable personalised certificate.

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